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I have had multiple dogs in my home since the day I grew up and had my own place.

I have been a member of the  GPCA since 2004, coming to them from other breeds and showing experiences in the past. I have had many "Top Winners" over the years, and  have learned from age and experience that winners come and go with the years.

What is truly important is what is left behind in the dogs we produce and the lives they affect each day.   I am a breeder at heart, and that is where my focus lies.  

I will use this site to list the German Pinschers that I have purchased, titled, and utilized to found my breeding program. They are a diverse group from many countries.  With such a small gene pool, even a diverse group of pedigrees are not totally unrelated. Somewhere within five or six generations, they all share the same ancestors.

I will also show the German Pinschers that I have bred and titled to date. I will not list every individual win, it looks good and might sell puppies,  but i think it is kind of silly. I will also list those titled that were out of one of my stud dogs, but bred by another kennel.  


I hope to be able to leave this breed better than I found it someday.



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F. Lynann Stuby
phone: 317-831-7887
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