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Nevar Champion/Titled offspring

This page contains Nevar bred Champions, and some close to their title, to date. We salute these dogs, but more, the families that they live with, and are loved by. The hope of every breeder is to send their puppies into loving homes, where they are enjoyed as much as I enjoy my dogs. 



Nevar I litter By CH Xitamiz Moltaz and CH Riwards Riptide of Nevar

                                                                   CH Nevars Inigma                                                                    CH Nevars Inky                           

   Web was the youngest German Pinscher to finish a Champion title in the U.S. Inky traveled to live in Sweden, and finish her tile there. 



                           Nevar J Litter By CH Xitamiz Moltaz and CH Ravenred Annie Oakley



   GCH CH Nevars Jules                                              CH Nevars Just Call Me Wild Wiley RN CGC




  CH Nevars Java RN, TDX                                                                 CH Nevars Jalila                        


  In addition to their Champion titles, Jules was/is nationally ranked for 2008/2009/2010. Wiley is nationally ranked in 2010. Java was the first GP to earn a TDX.



  Nevar K litter By CH Xitamiz Moltaz and CH Riwards Riptide of Nevar


   CH Nevars Kalypso                                                                      CH Nevars Kaleidoscope

       CH Nevars Karma

Nevar L Litter By CH Laatain Baron and CH Mercedes vom Awarenring

  CH Nevars Laureate  RN                                                                         CH Nevars Legend


   CH Nevars Lylah

Laureate is nationally ranked for 2010.



Nevar M litter By CH Laatain Baron and CH Ravenred Annie Oakley

  CH Nevars Man on a Mission                                                               CH Nevars Major Payne
     GCH CH Nevars Miss Behavin                                                                Nevars Mint Julep RN


         Nevars Mikka CD                          


Bond, (Man on a Mission) went to Australia to make his mark. 


Nevar N litter, CH Xitamiz Moltaz X CH Quickly vom Awarenring

CH Nevar Northern Lights CA - The first CA in the breed

Nevar/Temerity O litter, CH Nevars Jalila X CH Laatain Baron


GCH CH Nevars Okie Dokie Temerity                                                        CH Nevars Odysey Temerity
CH Nevars Olina Lokelani Of Temerity   GCH CH Nevars Okalani Kamalii Wahine Ka Nalu Temerity   

Nevar P litter, CH Xitamiz Moltaz X CH Adel Irristible Temerity Nevar

      CH Nevars Polaris Temerity                                                      CH Nevars Pulsar Temerity     
       CH Nevars Pyxis Temerity

Nevars Q Litter CH Dark Angels Aden Red Energy X CH Ravenred Annie Oakley

 CH Nevars Quazar
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