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Nevar German Pinschers is dedicated to producing healthy, sound, correct dogs,  using the best dogs and pedigrees from around the world. A sound foundation for generations to come. Nevar German Pinschers health tests all of our breeding stock, and all must pass these tests, to be used for breeding, as recommended in the GPCA Code of Ethics.  We also DNA profile all of our dogs.  







PennHIP,   CERF,
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals CHIC,
Veterinary Genetics Services
The German Pinscher Club of America
Kennel Clefell's Ravenred Kennels,   Kennel vom Awarenring,  Xitamiz Kennel Temerity German Pinschers


Contact us to learn about our health guarantee on all puppies, and  100% guaranteed show puppies.  

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F. Lynann Stuby
phone: 317-831-7887
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